DOUGLAS COUNTY, Ga. (CBS46) - The Douglasville community is mourning the loss of a businessman killed after a tree fell on his SUV.

Scot Hudson was driving Monday morning, right around the time an EF1 tornado blew through Douglas County. A tree came crashing down, trapping the 60-year-old inside with power lines.

First responders had to tear into the SUV to get Scott out, but he died. Many people knew Scott as an owner of Hudson’s Hickory House, a family-owned restaurant that has been in Douglasville for 50 years.

“We lost a very special person today,” said Carolyn Brock, a Douglasville resident who stopped by the scene of the crash. “Scott was well-known, well-liked.”

“Scott did good for people around here,” added Cassandra McCain, a frequent patron. “He was good, took care of people. Great person.”

Ronald Harrison has worked at Hudson’s Hickory House for 40 years. He said Scott was like a brother.

“If I ever needed anything, Scott was there,” Harrison said. “He never turned his back on anybody that needed him.”

Wayne Lanham met Scott in high school. He drove into town from Alabama when he heard what happened to his childhood friend. Lanham said the restaurant was Scott’s life, but he also loved cars, shooting guns, his family and God.

“When we went over to see his dad, the first thing he said to me is ‘God wanted Scott to come cooks some BBQ,’” Lanham recalled.

Several people stopped by the restaurant, which closed early on Monday, to pay their respects, leaving behind notes and flowers.

“It’s a tragedy that we lost him,” said Stacy Taylor, an employee at the restaurant. “He was kind of like a father-figure to me. When you were having a down day, go to him and he was never down and out.”

Described as a pillar of his community, those who knew Scott said they will remember him not just for the good eats but also for his generosity.

“He cared more about people than he did himself, I can tell you that because he did have the biggest heart in this county,” Lanham said.

Scott leaves behind an adult daughter. The restaurant will remain closed until further notice, according to Harrison.

On Orchard Road a few miles south of Douglasville, two dogs were crushed when a tree fell directly onto the outdoor kennel that housed them. 

Darryl Blalock told CBS46 he rushed home when a neighbor told him his dogs were injured. When he arrived, he learned one of the dogs died on impact. He rushed his other dog to a veterinarian's office and got some bad news.

“He wasn’t going to make it," said Blalock. "They were saying his spine was crushed and he was just laying there." 

Blalock made the tough decision to put the dog down, he said.

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