ROCKDALE COUNTY, Ga. (CBS46) Investigators in Conyers are combing through evidence at a property in the 1400 block of Lester Road, just south of Sigman Road. 

Rockdale County deputies say a neighbor became concerned when he hadn't seen the lady next door for days, so he decided to walk over and see if things were okay.

What he saw was shocking. His neighbor, who he'd known his entire life, was found dead lying underneath a mound of clothes.

"A good woman, man she worked everyday, you know a nice woman," said the man who did not want to be identified. "She wasn't around and nobody seen her car or anything so we figured something was wrong." 

Prior to discovering his friend, the man called local hospitals and jails -- still there was no sign of the woman. He then called 911.

"I saw a blood stain on the wall. We went back in with a sledge hammer and tore the door open and the officer noticed something on the floor," said the man. "I saw toes and feet sticking out from under the covers."

Along with the clothes, the woman's body had been covered in lime powder.

CBS46 reporter Trason Bragg spoke with the victim's niece, Shenika. She said this is the second loss the family has taken this year.

"What horrible thing did she do for her body to just sit there? If you were going to do the crime you can at least call the police or something if you're going to escape in her car," said Shenika.

Investigators say the woman had been dead for a week.

The missing vehicle was located miles away from the home two days ago. That's when Shenika and her family knew something was wrong.

CBS46 was the first on the scene and spoke exclusively with Captain Amanda Pilgrim. She said at this time, a cause of death has not been determined. 

This is an active investigation. CBS46 will continue to provide updates.

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