ATLANTA, Ga. (CBS46) Working on the world’s most expensive toys (Super Yachts) is exciting, but it can also be secretive.

"There are some vessels that will have you sign confidentiality agreements," said Suzanne Porta of SPORTAble Crew.

And with such an array of cultures and nationalities, life as a yachtie (what crew in the industry are called) can be fraught with drinking, hookups, and fights.

“Work hard, party hard,” said Ross Innia from Below Deck.

This all happens in some of the most beautiful locations in the world, reserved for only the elite, that can come with huge demands.

"They want what they want when they want it, which is then right that second," said Yacht Chef Tracy Ireland.

Reality TV show Below Deck has thrown a spotlight onto the industry in a way not seen before. But how true is the show?

“How much of it is actually real, I can tell you firsthand, everything that happens is so real,” said Ashton Pinnear from Below Deck.

So real that most yachties are careful to say too much gossip, especially if they involve the names of the world's richest people.

"There’s always going to be a story and there will be stories people like to tell but you typically don’t name names," said Porta.

What happens below deck can get interesting with tight quarters and long trips at sea that can get intimate.

“Everybody is seeing everybody and then you’ll have stewardesses who are upset because this guy liked her and then all of a sudden he likes the other one,” said stewardess Sarah Murphree.

With long hours, huge demands, and no place to go, that tension can take a toll on the crew.

“An engineer once who locked himself in the engine room," said Ireland. "And was threatening to commit suicide, yeah, he had a gun, and he had some alcohol, he was locked in the engine room, they had to take an axe to the engine room door.”

And when money-is-no-object, and in a male-dominated industry that favors attractive women, unwanted sexual advances can arise.

“There's hardly ever a woman (in any industry) who hasn't encountered an unwanted advancement,” said Porta.

“(There was a woman) She was sexually abused for some time on a boat and she finally had enough courage to leave,” said one captain of over 20 years.

But amid all the chaos, the close friendships and experiences on offer, no other industry can provide.

“A lot of good times when you hooking up and making good relationships with people, or just good friends like myself and Ross have become,” said Pinnear.

“Beautiful remote sandy little islands with native people who live there,” said Ireland. “It was a place that I would never have seen if I hadn’t been on a yacht.”

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