In Georgia, any adult over the age of 16 is eligible to get the Covid-19 vaccine. If you haven’t yet received it, you might be curious how to best prepare.

“Making sure you eat a healthy diet, drink lots of fluids, just overall makes you feel better, and will prepare you for any vaccine,” said Jessica Greene, a registered dietitian.

Registered dietitians agree being well-hydrated, eating the right foods, and being well-rested help boost your immune system.

“A Mediterranean diet is a really good one to follow about two weeks before the vaccine, because it has an anti-inflammatory effect,” added Greene.

“Heart healthy fats, like fish or nuts, or olive, these foods, can help us, in general, feel better,” said Kristen Smith, registered dietitian at Piedmont Atlanta Hospital.

According to the Georgia Department of Public Health, while some people have minimal or no vaccine side effects, others may experience chills, tiredness, and headaches.

“Drinking ginger tea can help with nausea, and chicken noodle soup helps with dehydration…and just when you’re not feeling well,” Greene said.

Greene said to eat plenty of fruits and vegetables, and to avoid alcohol before and after getting the vaccine…which could intensify any side effects.

“It can lead to dehydration, which is what we want to try to avoid,” Greene added.

“That can definitely make it more challenging to distinguish between the vaccine symptoms and side effects or if you had a hangover,” said Smith.

The CDC said any side effects usually start within a day or two of getting the vaccine but should go away in a few days.

“A lot of people are reporting lethargy after the vaccine, so eating foods that can provide us energy and the nutrients we need could potentially help us to feel better,” added Smith.

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