ATLANTA (CBS46) — Big money is pouring in to the Atlanta mayor's race. But less attention so far is coming to the money pouring out of the campaigns.

A surprising omission from one of the race's top candidates is so far unexplained.
And a dramatic 98% of a top contender's descriptions of the purpose of the spent money is missing. 

Campaign finance reports due at the end of September show these expenditures so far.

Kasim Reed -- $1.9 million
Sharon Gay -- $1.3 million
Andre Dickens -- $841,000
Felicia Moore -- $653,000
Antonio Brown -- $378,297
Reading the hundreds of pages of expenses is a refresher course in what campaigns cost these days. 
Thousands of dollars to Facebook ads, campaign commercials, opposition research. The law requires the purpose of the expenses. Gay, Dickens and Moore mostly revealed what they spent the money to do.
But not former mayor Kasim Reed. Almost all his expenditure purpose lines are blank.
"It raises a red flag, because if it is so easy to list a purpose and you don't do it, it makes me think you are hiding something."
The discovery of those omissions troubles William Perry, a good government advocate and frequent Reed critic. He filed a complaint about the omissions with the state ethics commission. One expenditure stood out for him. 
More than $40K going to Tyler Perry Studios and wonders why.
"They're buddies. Is he using campaign funds to curry favor with a buddy? Or is he paying him back for doing something? Or did he have an event there?"  
Kasim Reed's campaign spokeswoman Anne Torres says "By law, the campaign has 30 days to amend disclosures and we plan on doing so." She also says that Perry is campaigning for a Reed opponent, Felicia Moore.
CBS46 political consultant Rashad Richey wonders if the Reed campaign's blanks on the filing for campaign purpose will raise red flags for voters.
"What the campaign spent money on, it does not say. That becomes a question." He says the 30+ percent undecided voters could turn the question into a decision about their vote.

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