White supremacy fliers found in Candler Park community

Source: WGCL

A group of people in the Candler Park Community say a white supremacist group is targeting their neighborhood.

Barbers Joy is among the many reacting to a flyer scattered throughout both the Candler Park and the Little Points Area.

"I don't know who they expected to impress, certainly not my neighborhood," said Joy.

The community began seeing the flyers over the weekend and many neighbors took to social media to make sure people know that they won't tolerate hate groups. One person wrote:So ridiculous I'm throwing this way.But the issue isn't new. White supremacist groups have targeted the area before.

"Remember it happened two or three years ago and I'm really sorry that it's happened again," said Bert Skellie.

But neighbors aren't just turning to social media to voice their concerns. Monday, a group of about 40 people got together to formulate a response.

"Fortunately our neighborhoods, we have a history of speaking out against extreme right-wing racism," said Joy.

Those we spoke to say their goal is to send the message that the Candler Park community and surrounding areas do not support the ideals printed on the flyers. And part of their response included volunteers like David Christian, canvassing the streets to remove any remaining flyers.

"Me and another guy went through. Swept through the neighborhood just to make sure we found one small sticker and took it down," said Christian.

Christian said most if not all of the fliers have now been removed and he has a message for those who keep targeting the area.

"I wish they'd stop. Go get a life guys," said Christian.

CBS46 did attempt to reach out to Patriot Front, the organization listed on the flyer, but our attempts were unsuccessful.

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