Wild hogs to be trapped or hunted

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Licensed bow hunter Scott Sellers knows a thing or two about feral pigs. He’s seen the video of them running hog wild on Lindon Lane in Decatur for the past six weeks. "It’s a bow only county," said Sellers. "There are no firearms allowed to hunt here. So, bow hunting the pigs would be an option."

Sellers offered to help the community by fighting off the hogs when he’s not fighting fires in Dekalb County.

"I guess it’s just kind of my nature," said Sellers. "Being a firefighter you help people for a living." And that has residents like Jin Masanotti tickled to death. After all, Dekalb Animal Control and the Department of Natural Resources told her they don’t trap wild boar.

"I’m definitely willing to let them help if we can’t get this trap to work because the problem is we probably won’t be able to get them all at once. And this could take weeks maybe even months to get them all," said homeowner Jin Masanotti.

The wild pigs have been seen mostly at night rooting around in people’s yards for grub causing substantial damage and threatening public safety.

"You know I’m an animal lover as much as anybody else," said Masanotti. "I’ve had dogs and cats and all sorts of animals my whole life. I grew up around pigs and farms, but these animals don’t have any place here, they just don’t. Not in a suburban area like this."

Sellers suggested trapping the pigs first, but if that doesn’t work he’s prepared to hunt them before someone gets hurt.

"Even though these are animals, they’re definitely wild animals and they can cause problems with disease or possibly attacking somebody," said Hunter.

So the plan moving forward is to try the trap for a couple of weeks. If that doesn't work, they're prepared to move to plan 'b' and hunt the feral pigs. In Georgia, one can hunt wild boar year round with a license.

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