Perception is Reality

Joyce Oscar

Russian spies, wire taps and healthcare squabbling, the distractions make it is easy to miss the renewed sense of optimism in the business community now that we have a new President sitting in the oval office. The construction industry made its largest gains in a decade, growth in manufacturing has tripled, wages are up, a record number of Americans are employed and we are just halfway through the first 100 days of the new administration.

Perhaps the biggest stunner is U.S. debt decreased, Yes, went down more than sixty billion dollars since President Trump took office. As much as some might want to credit President Trump’s actions for all this good news during this short period, to be fair we should admit it is not so much what President Trump has done but rather what he symbolizes and says on the world stage about America and its workers.

Despite the rioters and demonstrators who long to derail the Trump agenda, he keeps pushing forward. The business community knows it has the support of the President of the United States and it seems to have unleashed a spirit of hope and optimism.

President Trump inherited a stagnant economy, In contrast President Obama stepped into a far worse set of circumstances. So again in the interest of fairness we must take these factors into account. However, by comparison, the U.S. debt burden increased by more than $320 billion after President Obama’s inauguration through early March of 2009. He signed the trillion dollar “stimulus” bill which most would agree was a gigantic failure leading to President Obama’s first year deficit of $1.4 trillion dollars. Obama left office setting records for the highest deficits and largest debt increase by any U.S. President in history.

The flag waving Trump train has just left the station. There are plenty of perils ahead to impede progress and cause discontentment. Yet, if you are being honest about the facts you must admit Trump’s simple “Make America Great Again” seems to be sending us in the right direction.

I’m Joyce Oscar

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