Tiffany Moss

GWINNETT COUNTY, Ga. (CBS46) -- Jury selection has begun in the trial of a woman accused of starving her stepdaughter to death and burning the body in a trash can in 2013.

Prosecutors are seeking the death penalty for Tiffany Moss, who along with her husband, allegedly starved 10 year-old Emani Moss. She eventually passed away and her charred remains were found in a trash can.

Tiffany Moss is representing herself in the case while the state is represented by Gwinnett County District Attorney Danny Porter.

“Do you believe that you could vote for the death penalty if you believed that the case in front of you deserved it?” Porter asked one potential juror.

Moss is representing herself. She declined to ask most of the potential jurors anything, though she did have a few questions for some.

“My question was if your wife had an opinion about my guilt or innocence, would that affect your ability to sit on the jury?” Moss asked one potential juror.

She asked another potential juror if he felt he could serve as a fair and impartial juror. She also asked someone whether they could handle the disturbing details of the case involving a child.

Back in 2015 while in court, Gwinnett County Police Detective Collin Flynn testified about the investigation and conversations he had with Eman Moss after his arrest.

After multiple stories, Flynn said Eman Moss told him, "they put her in bed and kept her there until she died and they didn't give her food and nourishment to survive during that seven-day period," Flynn testified.

Police believe Emani was dead for days before Eman Moss finally called police. He told investigators his wife wanted to get rid of Emani's body so they wouldn't go to jail.

"At one point in the interview, he leaned back in his chair out of the blue and said, 'I'm guilty. I killed my baby,'" Flynn said.

Flynn said there were two other children living in the home. He said Tiffany Moss brought them to her mother's house before turning herself in. Emani's father, Eman Moss, is already serving a life sentence. 

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