Woman allegedly smashes head on bus, blames design of bus


Jessica Blinkhorn depends on MARTA's public transportation in Atlanta because she has spinal muscular atrophy, which means she can’t move her arms or her legs. She told CBS46 she requested a pick up from a MARTA mobility bus, but the wrong bus showed up.

Blinkhorn said she got on the bus anyway because she didn’t have a choice.

"I made the choice not to call and complain to MARTA because they would have put me on a will-call bus and I would have to wait longer," said Blinkhorn.

She told CBS46 it was on that 4000 MARTA mobility bus that she got hurt.

"I had my head smashed into a window while riding a 4000 bus," said Blinkhorn.

She told CBS46 that the design of the 4000 MARTA mobility bus isn’t compatible with the dimensions of her motorized wheelchair. Blinkhorn and MARTA confirm she’s guaranteed a pick up from a 4100 or 4200 MARTA mobility bus whenever she makes a reservation.

Blinkhorn has a history of complaints with MARTA. A MARTA spokesperson released the statement below:

"MARTA appreciates Ms. Blinkhorn's ridership and we are diligently working to address her concerns. We have already taken steps to ensure that her ride is safe and comfortable, including dispatching Mobility vehicles that can more readily accommodate her specialized wheelchair."

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