Woman hired to watch dog caught urinating in dog owner's kitchen pot

(Source: Jaleasa Allison)

A woman hired to watch a neighbor's dog was filmed urinating in one of the dog owner's kitchen pots.

Jaleasa Allison loves her dog, Layla, like family. So when she went out of town last week, she hired a dog sitter.

"I hired Kimberly McClure. She's the owner of Atlanta Pet Valet," says Allison. "We hired her to come into our home and take the dog out."

Once Allison left, she says the dog watcher grabbed a pot and took a squat.

"She's peeing, and then in a second, you'll see her rising up and pulling her pants up, and then pours the pee down the drain," says Allison.

Allison says the incident was caught on camera.

"Her excuse was, she had an emergency and she is human," says Allison.

It didn't take long to track down the dog sitter because she lives in the same metro Atlanta apartment complex.

McClure admits to urinating in the pot, saying it was an emergency.

"I was like, pee in my pants, or pee in a container," says McClure. "It wasn't like I planned it. These things happen, I'm 50-years-old."

McClure claims she was going to pay Allison back for soiling the pot, but that was before she says she became a victim of harassment.

"Her grandmother left me a message accusing me of being with the KKK, and being racist, and that I needed to find God," says McClure. "I had multiple calls, I had to block all these calls, and on Facebook...I had to deactivate my account."

Allison is considering taking the dog sitter to small claims court to get paid for the damaged pot, and the dog watcher has called the police, claiming harassment.

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