ATLANTA, Ga. (CBS46) -- "I'm just in shock," said Mercedes car owner Meloni Boatswain.

Pictures show the moments after Meloni's Mercedes left front tire flew off her car going down I-75.

"I got up to about 65 and the car starts shaking violently, as soon as I pulled off into the shoulder, thank God the car just went boom, hit the floor, this wheel flies off into 75/85," explained Boatswain.

A short time before the incident she had her tires changed at Mercedes-Benz of Atlanta South. She said management at the dealership has been less than reputable.

"It was like 15 days later that I get a voicemail from the general manager Adrian Ruddick and he's like, 'oh yeah I heard about what happened' and I was like this should have been a phone call right away," she added.

CBS46 reporter Jamie Kennedy spoke with management who said they weren't aware that Meloni wasn't happy with proceedings. They said the employee responsible has been suspended but is still employed at the dealership. They also remarked mistakes happen and they have been trying to remedy the situation.

Boatswain said the dealership can do a lot better.

"I want to know what they're doing to make sure this does not happen again, I want them to take accountability for what happen to me, and also apologize to me for the way Adrian has handled this situation."

Jamie also spoke to Mercedes USA who said the occurrence is strange and that service of that nature isn't indicative of the Mercedes-Benz ethos. They do not own the South Atlanta dealership, but as a result of the call the company is now looking into the situation.

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