Sandreaka Smith

ATLANTA, Ga. (CBS46) A mother fighting to walk again after a terrifying accident, said her medical transport company isn’t showing up when she needs them.

Sandreaka Smith told CBS46 she needs to get to the hospital several times a month for much needed medical visits. However, she also said her medical transport company Southeastrans is keeping that from consistently happening.

Last November Smith was in a head on collision. 

“I saw a vehicle, he was going the opposite way,” she said the other driver was going 90 miles an hour. “The whole dashboard it was sitting on my legs," she added.

Smith suffered a punctured liver, ruptured spleen, two broken legs and a broken arm among other injuries. She spent two months in the hospital. Since her release, she’s had multiple doctor’s appointments scheduled, but she's missed most of them due to her medical transportation company, Southeastrans.

“Sometimes they don’t show up to my appointments or sometimes they come late,” Smith explained.

She said the driver was five hours late for one appointment. Smith said missing those appointments is hindering her recovery.

When she complained to the company she was told she could always call a Lyft.

"How can I use a Lyft when I can’t bend my legs? They’re just not giving us anything reasonable as to why this keeps happening,” Smith explained.

CBS46 decided to reach out to Southeastrans. They sent a statement that reads in part:

"There was a missed trip because no provider was available at the time of the requested transport. On the other occasions the member either made a late request to change the appointment time, cancelled the trip, or was not home at her schedule pick up time."

“I’m always here. How can I go anywhere, I mean with two broken legs? I can’t go anywhere,” said Smith.

Smith claims the company’s statement is entirely false. However she added after we reached out to Southeastrans they finally showed up on time.

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