East Point, GA (CBS46) CBS46 is advocating for a woman with a really surprising problem.

Police tracked down her stolen car and when she went to pick it up, she found a drug pipe inside.

Rawah Bayan isn't even sure how it got there.

However, she does know her car was stolen last Tuesday from an L.A. Fitness parking garage in Midtown.

A week later, East Point Police spotted a woman driving the vehicle and took her to jail.

At first, Bayan was relieved. But when she went to pick up her car from the impound lot, there were several items in the car that weren't hers, including the drug pipe.

She says she was afraid to throw it out because it could be evidence and didn't feel comfortable driving with drug paraphernalia in her car.

Bayan says both East Point and Atlanta police wouldn't help, so she called CBS46.

Within hours, an East Point Police officer removed the drug pipe.

“It’s unfortunate I had to get in touch with the public and the news first to before they chose to take action,” Bayan told CBS46. “But, I'm happy they did take action.”

East Point Police say if the pipe was in plain sight, the officer would have taken it. Some questions still remain, like why didn't the officer open the bag? and was the car thoroughly checked by police after that crime was committed and before it was returned to the owner? There's a lot to uncover.

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If paraphernalia was found then why wouldn't the owner request a dog search the vehicle? Your police departments sound like a bunch of lazy losers.

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