Wendy Wiles

ATHENS, Ga. (CBS46) A metro Atlanta woman is looking for a new job after her company fired her, partly because she forgot to pay a $23 restaurant bill.

Wendy Wiles insists it was an honest mistake and says she blames the restaurant.

Wiles and her friend Quincy Brooks eat out at Ru Sans restaurant in Athens at least once a month. Sometimes she pays the bills other times he pays. But last week, neither of them picked up the $23 tab.

“I was assuming he paid and he assumed that I had paid,” said Wiles.

Within a matter of hours, a restaurant employee posted a picture of Wiles on Facebook, warning other restaurants that she's a ‘dine and dasher.’

Then the Athens Police showed up at Wiles door. The officer left a note, saying Wiles needs to pay her bill before there's an warrant for her arrest.

The two go back and pay the bill but the next day, Wiles got the shock of her life

“They fired me. I lost my job over this,” said Wiles. “It's devastating that I had to lose my job over $23 that just was a misunderstanding,” Wiles told CBS46.

Documents show Wiles had two other infractions at her place of employment before this. One for leaving the light on and not completing reviews

This was her third infraction.

Wiles said her superiors told her the incident was a “disgrace to the company because her face was on the internet.”


Brittany Miller is an Emmy-award winning journalist, who joined CBS46 News in April 2015.

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