Woman suing county, fired from polling job

(Source: WGCL)

A metro Atlanta woman suing DeKalb County for alleged sexual harassment involving a county commissioner now believes the county is retaliating against her.

Former DeKalb County District Attorney Robert James said his client, Ashlee Wright, is being mistreated. She sued the county last year after she said Commissioner Gregory Adams sexually harassed her while she was working for him by making inappropriate sexual comments.

Event though she quit working for Adams, she continued working as a polling official for the county until she received a notice this week that her job had been terminated due to a conflict of interest.

"For Ashlee to be fired from a poll worker job because she's exercising her constitutional right under Title 7 to protect herself, or to stand up for herself, is ridiculous," says James.

On top of that, James says four other members of Wright's family were also informed face-to-face that they could no longer work as poll workers because of their connection.

"How is it a conflict when there’s a lady who’s been working the polls for 20 years, Ashlee’s Aunt, and she knows Ashlee, and she’s related to Ashlee, and because someone that she is related to is litigating a case against the county, all of a sudden she is unable to be employed as a poll worker with the county, and not only her, but her family as well," said James.

James says it's something that will not only be investigated, but also addressed.

"This thing is far from over. It's only just beginning," he said.

CBS46 contacted election officials and the DeKalb County CEO's Office. We were informed that Wright was dismissed of her duties because she worked at a polling place where Commissioner Adams is on the ballot.

Samuel Tillman, Chairman of Board of Elections, issued the following statement:DeKalb County Board of Registration and Elections learned of an apparent conflict of interest on Thursday May 17. Ms. Wright, who was employed at a precinct where Commissioner Gregory Adams is on the ballot, was relieved of her duties for the remainder of advance voting because she is involved in pending litigation with Commissioner Adams. Ms. Wright is eligible for re-employment in the future where no conflict exits.County officials also dispute the fact that other family members could not continue their jobs as poll workers.

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