A romantic getaway for a young couple took a violent, almost deadly turn in broad daylight Friday.

“I was sleeping it was so early I just heard like 5 shots and that’s what woke me that was my alarm clock,” said Leshon Jones a tenant in a nearby apartment complex.

“I didn’t want to peek my head through the window and then they still shooting and then I got shot,” Jones goes on to say.

Meairra Mansara and her boyfriend were riding scooters down northside drive when they were attacked, after telling a man driving by to stop cat calling at the victim.

Boyfriend Juwan Davis stepping in asking the man to leave them alone.

Both Mansara and Davis rode down the street in an attempt to get away when bullets started to fly.

One of the bullets hit Mansara in her shin, shattering her tibia.

“From the distance I see someone go down…” Eyewitness Samuel Savage went running when he saw Mansara fall to the ground.

“It was really heartbreaking she was screaming she was crying, and she kept grabbing her phone to call her mom,” said Savage.

The fire department worked to stop the bleeding until EMS got to the scene.

Neighbors said hey believe violence is never the answer and rejection is not an excuse.

“It’s definitely a cowardly act to try and shoot somebody just because they don’t want to talk to you,” exclaims Jones.

“Take your licks and just go on there to someone else…don’t take it out on someone who rejected you,” said Savage.”

According to the victim’s mother, she will now have a permanent rod in her leg and is looking at at least six weeks of recovery until rehab therapy.

This is a developing story. 

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