86-year-old veteran to receive much needed home repairs

ATLANTA, Ga. (CBS46) -- A nonprofit organization is helping an elderly veteran get the help she desperately needs.  

“If anybody is deserving it's Miss Gonza,” said her nephew veteran Darern Williams.

Eighty-six-year-old Gonza Shockley started her career in the Air Force back in 1951.

“I was in motor pool and I loved it.” said Shockley. 

Shockley trained to drive everything from cars to tractors at a time when there were not many women in the military. She says she didn’t shy away.

“I was out of high school and I was just tired of doing nothing. I couldn't go to college, I was tired of it. That's why I just went into the Air Force,” she explained.

Not long after retiring from the Air Force Miss. Shockley move into a residence in Southwest Atlanta and until recently she continued to call it her home.

“The pipe busted so the kitchen floor was gone. The bathroom floor was gone and the house was just deteriorated because I've been out of it at least two years. I just want to come home. I'm tired of going from place to place. I'm not use to it.” 

That’s when Shockley‘s nephew crested a GoFundme account and contacted CBS46 

“I’m on a mission to help my aunt Miss. Gonza get her house renovated and repaired so she can get back into it,” said Miss. Gonza's nephew.

So, CBS46 reached out to nonprofit Home Proud Atlanta who agreed to help with the home repairs. 

“I am very excited I can jump up and shout” said Shockley.

To donate to Shockley GoFundme, click here. You can also donate to House Fund Atlanta by clicking here. 

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