Marietta, GA (CBS46) A pack of pit bulls attacked five people in a Cobb County neighborhood, sending an 82 year old woman and another person to the hospital.

It happened Wednesday on Beverly Lane in Marietta.

Seven pit bulls got loose and attacked the woman, who lives across the street.

She tried to fight them off as they mauled her entire body. She was badly bitten and needed stitches.  

Her son and others chased the dogs away, but the dogs continued to roam the neighborhood and attacked three other people.

When police got there, they shot two of the dogs, killing one. The rest of the dogs were captured and are with Cobb County Animal Control. We do not know yet if they will be euthanized. 

Police are still investigating.  

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New laws are needed.

A dog severely maims or kills dogs, humans, farm animals or cats away from the dog's home?

All the dog's owners, handlers, users are charged with felony animal neglect and cruelty.

All dogs are immediately confiscated.

Found guilty, they all are banned from any dog contact or ownership for Life.

Signs must be posted: No Dogs Permitted.

The FBI tracks convicted animal abusers as it's been shown that those who are cruel to animals pose a disproportionate risk to humans too. The FBI can maintain the registry of those careless, cruel, and or sadistic people who failed their dogs and their community.

Any dogs later found in their contact or on their property shall immediately be confiscated.

Publicized and enforced this afforable Breed Neutral law will begin to make dog owners


It's so horrible what happened to the precious woman. I saw the story and the owner of the dogs... When I saw her yard, sorry to be judgemental but that lady more than likely did not properly care for those dogs nor were the socialized! I believe there was negligence and if there was I hope she faces charges and she not be allowed to own dogs again! I am a pitbull owner and love the bread, most are amazing dogs but some don't get the treatment they so desperately need.

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