Deadly Crash

UPDATE (CBS46)—We are learning more about the July 25 deadly car accident in Jonesboro from the victim’s family member.

Kyrah Gibson tells us her big brother Lashad Lewis was among one of the victims in the crash.

Gibson’s brother, her expecting sister-in-law to be Brandy Gilkey, her nephew, and their dog Goliath were hit head-on by a drunk driver, according to the family GoFundMe.

As a result of the collision, Gibson lost her sister-in-law to be, her nephew, and Goliath. Her brother survived the crash but has a long road to recovery. 

“Brandy was a kind, loving, caring person and an amazing teacher who loved her students. She was a firm believer of Christ and worked very hard,” according to the family GoFundMe. “Her son was only 8 years old. He was the smartest kid I’ve ever known. He loved math, bubbles, race cars, cartoons, and playing games. We love and miss them very much and all the great memories we shared.”

The Gibson family is asking for contributions to help cover Lewis's medical expenses. You can donate any amount by clicking here.

We are waiting to hear back from Clayton County police on follow-up information in this case. This story will be updated as new details are released.

JONESBORO, Ga. (CBS46)-- Clayton County police are investigating a head-on collision that killed four people, including a woman, her unborn baby and a child.

It happened around 1:30 a.m. Sunday on Highway 138 at Scott Road.

While investigating the accident police learned firefighters had responded earlier to Highway 138 and West Fayetteville Road where a man was slumped over the wheel of an F-150 pickup truck. When they knocked on the window to wake him up, police said the man was confused and sped off down Highway 138.

Shortly after, police were called out to a head-on collision a little more than a mile away involving the same pickup truck.

Officers said the driver of the pickup truck was dead at the scene.

Police said a man was driving the other car and his passengers were a pregnant woman, a child and a dog. They were taken to the hospital where police said the woman, her unborn baby and the child did not survive. The man is in critical condition.

Police are working to notify the victims' families and their names have not yet been released.

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