ATLANTA, GA. (CBS46)- Even more help is headed to the hurricane-damaged regions south of Atlanta.

On Friday morning, American Red Cross volunteers Jerome Roberts and Mark Hall left to assist storm victims.

“These are very rapidly evolving situations,” Hall told reporter Ashley Thompson. “There are areas they’re just getting into and with that vehicle, we go out and we feed mobile so as areas open up, we’ll move in and deliver food to people who can’t get out.”

Roberts and Hall will first stop in Macon, where they will meet other disaster relief teams at the Red Cross Operations Center. 

From there, all volunteers will be dispatched to affected areas. 

“They’ll be handing out food in the community, water and also emergency supplies to help people clean up their homes,” said American Red Cross Regional Manager Ashley Henyan. “Bleach, rubber gloves, shovels, rakes, brooms, mops…”

Right now the Red Cross has about 1000 volunteers on the ground helping after Hurricane Michael. 

"This of course is happening while we’re still having relief operations underway up in the Carolinas with hurricane Florence,” Henyan explained.

Hall said they plan to be gone for 10 days, but he knows that could change.

“We’ll be there are long as we’re needed,” he said.

The Red Cross is looking for more volunteers to help assist those in need as a result of the storm.

To find out how you can help visit the Red Cross Volunteer website

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