Edith Mata, Volunteer


Edith Mata is the Executive Director of Family Health Enterprise and a Financial Consultant for Primerica Financial Services, both located here in Atlanta, GA. As if those two jobs don't keep her busy enough, Edith enjoys volunteering with Harbor Grace Hospice in her free time. Edith believes strongly in quality health care services for all and in equal treatment for non-English speaking patients. Originally from Guadalajara, México, Edith is fluent in Spanish and takes pleasure in spending time with Harbor Grace Hospice's Spanish speaking patients. She finds that they take comfort in her patience, kindness and ability to communicate in their native tongue. Often times, Edith will bring along her two children, Patricia and Alex, to volunteer as well. Edith believes that it's important to instill the value of volunteering in children because it improves the community, brings a sense of fulfillment and encourages a lifelong service ethic.Edith loves to dance and her other hobbies include hiking, swimming, soccer, tennis and tetherball.

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