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I'm not buying their excuse. If the man was home to hear the police banging on the door "Bam, Bam, Bam" why did the cops leave a note? Wouldn't he just answer the door and speak to the police in person? Sounds like he stayed hiding inside, hence the cops leaving the note. Why does the check show a zero as a tip? If both thought the other was picking up the check, who filled out the tip? Finally, if he assumed she would pick up the check because he picked it up last time....If that is their routine, why did she NOT pick it up this time? If that is their routine, why would she think he would have picked it up this time? Too many things don't fit. The dine and dash on the other hand makes sense. They were unhappy with the service (zero tip), so left without paying. Then ignored the police banging on the door because they were hiding inside pretending to not be home.



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