HOUSTON, Texas (KPRC/CNN/Meredith) -- Again and again, dogs earn the name “man’s best friend,” whether by providing emotional support, or sniffing otu bombs.

One scrappy little canine in Texas reaffirmed his species’ value to humanity on Sunday by defending a man who was being mugged.

In a video, you can see hear the dog barking and see a thief in red pushing a man into a ditch. The dog never lets up, chasing the would-be-thief away.

Jose Luis Hernandez said he had 200 dollars in his pocket and 700 dollars in cash tucked into his wallet inside his back pocket from cashing his pay check for the week.

A man approached him, first asking him to put his dog away.

Hernadez continued to check his mail, when the man was suddenly behind him, armed with a rock and demanding money.

The man pushed Hernandez into the ditch when Hernandez refused.

Hernandez said he started kicking at the assailant.

The man finally ripped Hernandez’s shirt while snatching the 200 dollars from his pocket.

Hernandez said, if not for the dog, his attacker would have ripped him apart in the ditch.

He said Ace, his neighbor’s dog, kept barking and biting the thief.

Surveillance video shows the thief reacting to the dog as soon as he arrives.

The thief was able to get away in a black car that was waiting for him.

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