The high temperature hit 99 degrees in Atlanta Monday, which was 15 degrees above the average of 84 for this time of year.

We all know it's hotter than normal, but exactly how rare is 99 degrees in September for Atlanta?

Very rare.

Monday marked the first time Atlanta hit 99 degrees in September since 1941. That was 78 years ago!

After digging further, I found that there have only been 8 total days on record when Atlanta hit 99 in September.

99 and hotter in Atlanta for September

  • 1 day in 2019
  • 1 day in 1941
  • 6 days in 1925

Even though 99 is clearly hot for September, can you believe it wasn't even a record? The record for Monday was 100 degrees from what was apparently a hot 1925.

In fact, Monday's 99 degrees is actually tied for the third-hottest day on record in Atlanta for September.

Hottest days in September for Atlanta 

  1. 102° on 9/8/1925
    102° on 9/7/1925
    102° on 9/5/1925
  2. 100° on 9/9/1925
    100° on 9/4/1925
  3. 99° on 9/9/2019
    99° on 9/8/1941
    99° on 9/20/1925
  4. 98° on 9/19/1954
    98° on 9/5/1954

21 days of 95+

Atlanta has hit 95 degrees 21 times so far this year. We typically see only 7 total days of 95 degrees each year.

95° Days in Atlanta

72 days of 90+

Atlanta has hit 90 degrees 72 times so far this year. We typically see 37 total days of at least 90 degrees each year.

Even though 72 days is well-above average, it's not quite a record. The most number of 90-degree days in Atlanta was 90 total days, which occurred in 2011 and 1980.

90° Days in Atlanta

End of the road?

The last 90 in Atlanta typically occurs on Sept. 9, which was Monday. We'll easily go past that date this year with 90's expected for the rest of the week.

While we typically see our last 90 on Sept, 9, it's not unusual to see 90's well past the beginning of September. The latest on record that Atlanta has hit 90 degrees was Oct. 9, 1941.

90's in September

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