Some of the hottest temperatures on record for May are expected in metro Atlanta this holiday weekend.

The 90's begin

We hit our first 90-degree-day in Atlanta Wednesday, and we'll stay in the 90's over the next seven days.

This weekend will be particularly hot with mid-to-upper 90's expected in Atlanta through at least Tuesday.

It's possible we'll break record highs in Atlanta Saturday through Tuesday. So far this year, Atlanta has only broken one record high, which was 80 degrees back on Feb. 7.

(WATCH: Heat in shade vs. direct sunlight)

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Hottest on record for May

The hottest day on record in May for Atlanta was 97 degrees back in May 1941!

With highs forecast to hit 96 degrees this weekend, Atlanta will at least tie for the second-hottest day on record in May this year.

Hottest Days in May

  • 97 from May 1941
  • 96 from May 1941
  • 96 from May 1938
  • 96 from May 1936
Hottest days in May for Atlanta

Near-record number of 90-degree-days

Atlanta typically has two 90-degree-days each May. As of Friday, we already have three 90-degree-days.

The most number of 90-degree-days on record for May in Atlanta is 11 from 1996.

As of Friday, at least nine 90-degree-days are expected for Atlanta in May.

90s in May for Atlanta

Why so hot?

The heat in Atlanta is being caused by a summer-like area of high pressure that has built over the southeastern U.S.

These large highs do two things: warm us up, and keep the rain away. The high pressure is expected to remain over the region through next week, which is why it will remain hot and dry.

High pressure keeping Atlanta hot this weekend

(WATCH: Why is it so hot?)

Heat tips

Our record high temperatures will coincide with a holiday weekend. If you plan on being outdoors, make sure and follow some basic heat safety tips:

  • Drink plenty of water.
  • Stay in the shade! The official temperature is taken in the shade, and it is usually much warmer in direct sunlight.
  • Wear light clothing.
  • Don't leave kids and pets in the car.
Heat tips in Atlanta

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