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First let's be real, this is Cobb County. Secondly, no way she's threatened by to white people in that truck. People who feel threatened don't block cars. Finally, to what climate is she referring to? The one where black people are being unjustly murdered by police officers? Or did she think ISIS had come to Cobb to enact terror on their sleepy town. The excuses here are both apologetic, lame and predictable.

Jake from State Farm

You have no way of knowing what makes her feel threatened. You are making it racial just by saying there is no way she could be threatened by “white people in that truck”. I have called the police many times regarding suspicious vehicles parked on my street. I don’t care what color the occupants are.

People who feel threatened usually fight back. She did that by approaching them in her vehicle to let them know she was aware of them. At that point they simply could have explained what they were doing. Instead they got an attitude and sat there for hours. That makes them even more suspicious and threatening. It was an obvious plan by the news team to make a racial story out of it. If anything was predictable, it was that.

Everything is not based on skin color. It’s usually peoples actions that cause them to be suspicious and in over 99% of police shooting it’s what gets them shot. To some it’s easier to blame all of there woes on racism. Then they don’t have to be responsible for their actions and they can do no wrong. They can park anywhere and do anything they want. Anyone who questions them or feels threatened is obviously a racist right?

Ellis V

You people are missing the point. CBS 46 is a last-place station in the middle of May ratings. They sent a black crew in an unmarked car to sit in a white neighborhood doing pretty much nothing for an extended period of time. Does this sound like they were there to get neighbors' reactions to a threat about red-tailed hawks? Why weren't they walking door-to-door looking like a camera crew and knocking on doors? Were they waiting secretly for the hawks to fly overhead so they could get shots of them? Were they worried that if they drove a MARKED car (which would have solved the problem immediately, and which CBS 46 does constantly just for recognition) the hawks wouldn't show up because they didn't want to be on TV? LOL. No. This crew was there so they could do a story about reporting while being black. It was race-baiting for ratings pure and simple. It was a bottom-dwelling effort by a bottom-dwelling station with bottom-dwelling management. It backfired because the lady was absolutely within her rights to call the cops about a suspicious vehicle with people taking pictures. I'd have done the same thing. So would anyone else. It's called NEIGHBORHOOD WATCH. Should the lady have thought, "Oh. Well, the people are black, so I wouldn't want anyone to think I was calling the cops about a suspicious vehicle in my neighborhood just because the people are black. So, I won't call." Do black people now get a pass about being suspicious just because they could be the subject of racism? That's stupid and irresponsible. This was a cheap trick and not surprising at all from this station. Don't be fooled. This was a ratings stunt.


Some of you seem to do not understand something.
That lady is NOT in Law Enforcement so she had NO right to block anyone in.

White people REALLY think that anyone who is in their neighborhood not from your area, think that anyone and everyone suppose to "check in" with them to get their OK to travel or go into their neighborhood.
I have seen this type of entitlement mindset from white people in every state that I have lived in.
Im serious, you clowns REALLY have this authoritative mindset that borderlines Narcissism and Paranoia.

Jake from State Farm

Travel thru a neighborhood is not the same as parking in front of a house taking pictures for over an hour. 90% of home break-ins occur during the day and almost always start with someone “casing” the neighborhood. She had every right to be concerned and call the police regardless of anyone’s skin color. In fact, people are encouraged by the police to do so if they see suspicious activity. I’ve done it myself. Most neighborhoods have a neighborhood watch program that does the same thing. That “entitlement mindset” you describe applies more to people who feel they have the right to park in front of someone’s private property and take pictures of it without being questioned. It’s a matter of common sense, courtesy, and respect which some people don’t understand.


If someone parked in front of my house for hours, taking pictures, in an unmarked car, and no identifying clothing or jackets, you'd better believe that I would want to find out why also, regardless of race. Even the woman said the same thing. In today's climate it does not pay to try to find out yourself because you don;t know if they are armed. Sharon Reed loves to take a non-news item and turn it into a race issue.


What scared elderly lady blocks in a suspicious looking car? How dumb do you have to be to believe that? Answer, racist dumb smh!!! Lol


Which climate was she referring to? Did she think a white terror group was coming for her or maybe ISIS decided shake up the sleepy town in Cobb? Like I said, lame.

Jake from State Farm

Jeez....... It’s always a racial thing isn’t it? Even if it’s not you will make it one. It would have been real easy for a member of your news crew to simply explain to this lady what you were were doing sitting in front of her house. If the woman who called the police was black I assume all would have been well. But then you wouldn’t have a story about “racism” would you?

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